Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) Review

A portrait of humanity and more.

Honestly there is not more to be said but mal forces me to write a longer review. Revolutionary Girl Utena excels in its depiction of interpersonal relationships. The characters all feel real. Not a single character that could be described as flat or one-dimensional comes to mind despite the show featuring a large cast. Most likely everyone watching Utena will find themselves touched by at least one scene. The character writing is so strong here that you barely notice that you are watching a monster of the week anime.

I can't say how much the art style fits into the late 1990's shoujo genre. For me it was somewhat unusual and took me a while to get used to, but still did a surprisingly superb job in delivering character expressions. The soundtrack however is simply outstanding.

Have to admit the last scene past the ending credits did not feel entirely in harmony with what the series seemed to be about to me. Seemed like fanservice that was put in last minute. But it does not invalidate the fantastic journey up to that point.

Everyone should give this show a chance and try to get into it. It is worth it.

(Originally posted on mal on may 26th 2021: