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z0r Archive of classic flash loops en
Electronics! jp/en
hazard city Information on how to deal with retro gaming hardware in modern times en
Imageboard with focus on technology and cyberpunk en
chibiakumas Retro console/computer assembly programming tutorials en/jp
C言語何でも質問サイト ゲーム開発入門等 jp
gamengai Retro game info, covers, flyers, interview translations etc. en
metroid2002 Classic speedrunner website focussed on the Metroid series en
plutiedev Sega Mega Drive game development en Japanese developer interview translations en
Uboachan Imageboard with focus on Yume Nikki en
Youtube Channels
Game Mansion Videogames (Streams/Podcast/Reviews etc.) de
Jacob Sorber C Programming/embedded Programming en
OneLoneCoder Game Programming en
Run Button Let's Plays/Podcast en webring