Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review (Switch, 2020)
An unusual mix of PSX-era JRPG, dungeon crawler and World of Warcraft clone.
PHP Timestamps and Year 2038

I'm currently in the process of moving an old PHP application to a new framework since the one originally used is way outdated, spitting out deprecation warnings left and right. The app still uses unix timestamps to store and handle dates. 2038 is still a long time off, but I'd rather not have to work on this app again in the future so I decided to have a look into how PHP timestamps are compatible with dates beyond January 19th 2038.

Black Adam, Hudson Hawk and the Hubris of a Man Today
Black Adam (2022) appears to be a reflection of today's zeitgeist.

"Oh hi Mario!" Can you recognize him?

Quickly Generating XML Sitemaps in Ruby

To simply add XML sitemap generation to a Ruby program or script the sitemap-generator gem is all one needs. However the documentation for the library is quite heavy and filtering out what's needed to incorporate its functionality into a simple script can take a while. But really all it takes is this:

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review (Wii, 2007)
This is what I imagine Halo to play like.
Metroid Prime Remastered Review (Switch, 2023)

For once a HD remake that doesn't offend me. Unlike games such as Wind Waker HD and Demon's Souls HD, Metroid Prime Remastered managed to stay decently faithful to the look and feel of its originator.

Daemon X Machina Review (Switch, 2019)

A welcome surprise. Daemon X Machina is straight to the point. The player begins a mission and, after a short story sequence, gets right into the action. No open world with side missions that have them spend hours running back and forth, no need for counterintuitive fast-travel implementations.