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quick and ugly demo but the point is my game engine can dynamically modify backgrounds to create nice vfx

This should do...

Fixed. Textures also working.

My bitmap font reader is working! ... kind of :|

Took me a bit but I managed to implement mruby into my game engine and get it to run on Windows too. \o/

It's slowly coming together

And I almost gave up when my first attempt at the plane didn't come out as expected. Like I legit couldn't make sense of it, thought this whole thing was too much for me - then I realized I merely forgot to adjust the number of triangles I was passing to the function that reserves space for the mesh (which I wrote myself lol)

Adding support for multiple objects and separate transformations worked as expected

Phew. (

Found it!

Been looking for this for a while. A neat tool to quickly gather some placeholder soundeffects.