moonfly colorschemes

Been a while since I last improved my development workflow, so I thought it was about time I stopped typing :sh in Vim and started looking into tmux. Had a problem with my terminal colors showing in tmux, and my first guess was that there could be an issue with the terminal emulator I'm running. Looking for tmux related patches I came across this implementation of the moonfly colorscheme that caught my attention, and immediately found myself sold on the Vim moonfly colorscheme it was based on. Not much time later I was done updating Vim and my st installation. That's when I noticed that I needed to adjust my audioplayer's theme too. Turned out today was one of those configuration rabbit hole days. A few hours later and I was done coming up with this MOC theme file:

001  # color theme for MOC based on moonfly
002  #
003  #
005  background           = default   default   normal     
006  frame                = blue      default 
007  window_title         = default   default   bold
008  directory            = white     default   bold
009  selected_directory   = default   black     bold
010  playlist             = green     default   bold
011  selected_playlist    = default   black     bold
012  file                 = blue      default
013  selected_file        = default   black     dim
014  marked_file          = yellow    default   bold
015  marked_selected_file = yellow    black     bold
016  info                 = default   default   bold
017  selected_info        = default   black     bold
018  marked_info          = yellow    default   bold
019  marked_selected_info = yellow    black     bold
020  status               = default   default   dim
021  title                = yellow    default   bold
022  state                = default   default   dim
023  current_time         = default   default   bold
024  time_left            = default   default   bold
025  total_time           = default   default   bold
026  time_total_frames    = default   default
027  sound_parameters     = default   default   bold
028  legend               = default   default
029  disabled             = black     default   bold
030  enabled              = default   default   bold
031  empty_mixer_bar      = default   default       
032  filled_mixer_bar     = default   black
033  empty_time_bar       = default   black
034  filled_time_bar      = green     magenta     
035  entry                = default   default
036  entry_title          = black     cyan
037  error                = red       default    bold
038  message              = green     default    bold
039  plist_time           = default   default

which requires a terminal emulator with an opaque background and the moonfly colorscheme, mind you. The tmux issue? Solved it by sourcing my ~/.bashrc in ~/.bash_profile. Still took me a couple of hours of confusion to figure out of course.

And that was my day. It didn't go as planned at all, but I'm glad I finally got around to replacing the lackluster colorscheme I had in use previously for way too long now.