My messy HD retro gaming solution

Well, I never imagined I'd ever use my equipment like this.

Damn that's ugly!

The picture doesn't show much since most of my setup is kind of hidden in a narrow shelve space. It's a console hooked up to an iScan VP30, hooked up to a scanline generator, and then hooked up to a Lumagen Pro HDP. Finally the signal goes into a large LCD monitor.

Looking nice

This shot doesn't do the actual picture justice of course. As often with these photographs, it looks even better in reality.

DVDO's VP30 with its ABT card isn't exactly the best thing there is for 240p sources, and yet the result looks smashing. Sure makes me feel dumb never having tried out this setup in the 1 and a half years I've owned the Lumagen. :/

I haven't played many 15khz games in a while because hooking up consoles to a CRT has become a bit of a hassle due to lack of space. Gladly I won't have to worry about that anymore, now that I'm back on track with the LCD!