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Tiger-Heli Review (AC, 1985)
A quick look at Toaplan's first classic shooting game.
Darius MD Review (MD, 2019)
My impressions on the original Genesis / Mega Drive Mini release and its later Extra Version arrange and upgrade.
Salamander & Life Force Review (Arcade, 1986/1987)
Gradius' neglected brother also has historic value. In it's very own kind of way.
Gradius (Arcade, 1985) Review
Revisiting a classic of videogame history.
Irem Collection Volume 1 (PS5, 2023) Impressions
Just my two cents on this collection because it seemed to be getting a lot of bad feedback.
R-Type Final 3 Evolved (PS5, 2023) Review
Despite its hiatus of almost two decades R-Type managed to make its comeback with a surprisingly solid game.