Melty Blood Archives Interview with Takashi Takeuchi

The relationship of mutual support and completion between Tsukihime and Melty Blood

―― How do you think [Melty Blood] stands in relation to the original work [Tsukihime]?
Takeuchi To begin with Melty Blood was a work that was created at a time when French Bread was still known as the doujin circle Watanabe Seisakujo. The beginning of the 2000's was a time many games with the freedom and ideas that doujin works are known for were released. The idea of trying to put characters from bishoujo games into fighting games is one of such freedoms. Melty Blood is also a derivative work that was birthed from that line of thinking. But because Tsukihime itself was a doujin game aimed at adults a lot of people came to know about it from Melty Blood making its appearance in the arcades. Further with new influential characters like Sion and its own story Melty Blood as base also served to help broadening the world of Tsukihime. In that sense Tsukihime and Melty Blood developed into works that support and complete each other.
―― Are you applying conscious changes when drawing illustrations for [Melty Blood] characters?
Takeuchi While you can't differentiate both works based on their line drawings, by applying coloring with a clear contrast I change the coloring to be more distinct. Compared to the rather realistic coloring style used by Tsukihime Remake's art director Hirokazu Koyama, Melty Blood: Type Lumina evolves the traditional coloring of previous works. While there are no differences to the line works, the impression created by the different coloring styles makes for an interesting contrast I think.

The designs of previous and new Melty Blood: Type Lumina characters

―― Noel and Vlov are both newcomers in [Melty Blood: Type Lumina]. First off, what did you pay special attention to when designing the member of the 27 dead apostle ancestors Vlov?
Takeuchi While Tsukihime's dead apostles include many quirky characters such as Nrvnqsr (Nero) Chaos, there are few proper vampires. Therefore I thought it would be a nice surprise to add a new character that is thoroughly a classic vampire to the 27 dead apostle ancestors. So I designed him based on that thought pattern. But because he comes off as too traditional compared to Chaos, who was drawn with evoking an aura of unease in mind, I was worried that Vlov wouldn't have the right feel to him when expressed in a fighting game. But those were needless fears. French Bread and Vlov's voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda did a great job making him a character that is fun to move.
―― What about Noel on the other hand?
Takeuchi Noel also turned out to be a good character. While she's drawn in Tsukihime Remake to show a lot of quirks, I had her implementation in Melty Blood: Type Lumina show a good amount of attractiveness in addition to her personal characteristics. Making good use of a cutish type of voice and skillful acting her voice actress Ai Kayano did well to draw out her attractiveness. So much that it makes me think I want to always listen to her battle voice.
―― Did you apply any conscious changes to Kouma Kishima and Miyako Arima, who only appear as part of the setting in [Tsukihime], compared to their designs in previous titles?
Takeuchi To give Tsukihime Remake a fresh feel I greatly changed the designs of Arcuid and Ciel from their concepts. On the other hand characters from the Tohno household like Akiha, Hisui and Kohaku aren't really characters to fit their styles to trends. So as a basic rule I only applied minor changes to make their outfits fit the current times. Because Kouma and Miyako are part of the Tohno storyline I only adjusted their outfits without making any changes to their silhouettes. Although I think I should have made Miyako a bit taller, her character notation was always that of the little girl in chinese-style clothes and short pants. Because I didn't want to make her feel like a different character I kept the original impression and only made changes you see when taking a very close look.
―― [Melty Blood: Type Lumina]'s Red Arcuid design is the same as Arcuid's design in the original [Tsukihime] novel. Why is that?
Takeuchi Up until now Red Arcuid made her appearance as an inversion of the original Arcuid. However she is draw in a slightly different form in Tsukihime Remake. Please play the remake if you're curious to find out why her design is that of the original release's Arcuid.
―― What is your opinion about Saber from the [Fate] series having her first time appearance in a [Melty Blood] title?
Takeuchi So far Melty Blood had Shiki Ryougi, the protagonist from Kara no Kyoukai, show up to form a crossover of Type-Moon works. In accordance I always wondered if Saber wouldn't also make an apperance soon. Melty Blood: Type Lumina finally realized that wish. As expected from French Bread they made her into a super cool and cute character. Although, and I understand you probably know this already, Saber sure feels out of place in the world of Tsukihime, doesn't she (laughs).
―― So feeling out of place is her inherit characteristic as a servant that was summoned into the modern world. Now please leave a message for those fans that have been long anticipating the release of [Melty Blood: Type Lumina].
Takeuchi Reviving Melty Blood in HD as befitting the current times had been a goal of both Type-Moon and French Bread. Having Melty Blood: Type Lumina realize this the way it does fills me with joy and accomplishment. It is not simply a remake of the previous Melty Blood. As a new starting point for the series it should continue to evolve from here on out. I would be happy if you could stick around to see how Melty Blood: Type Lumina is going to evolve in accordance to everyone's wishes through it's forthcoming updates.