A simple GUI audio player for GNU/Linux operation systems. Keyboard controls only.


  • customization (background, font, colors)
  • playlists


  • Ruby (Tested against Ruby 2.5.1)
  • SDL2
  • Ruby/SDL2

Installation and Setup

Just run gem install akane_sound then do execute akane_sound for a first startup that sets up the config file in /home/user/.local/share/ruby_app/akane_sound/. Open the config file and edit as you wish, it's recommended to specify the root directory according to your music directory.


Key Function
enter play a song, load a playlist, change directory
j move cursor down
k move cursor up
page up move page up
page down move page down
space toggle pause
> volume up
< volume down
a append selected song to playlist, appends contents if directory is selected
A same as above, but recursive
tab switch between directory and playlist
C clear playlist
w write playlist to root_dir/akane_playlists
s stops track if playing
r refreshes the current directory and updates the cache
n skip to next song
p skip back to previous song
R toggle repeat
S toggle shuffle
N toggle auto-next
g go to beginning of list
G go to end of list
ESC quit

Source code available here