Overthinking Web Application URI Routing (PHP)

I just got around to implement URI routing for my PHP framework. Given a setup such as

Nintendo Direct February 2023 Impressions

This post isn't a summary of yesterday's Nintendo Direct showcase. I'm just voicing my opinions on some of the announcements that stood out to me in some way personally.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Review (PS4, 2022)
Is Star Ocean on a budget better than no Star Ocean?
Sonic Frontiers Review (PS4, 2022)

Another 3D mainline Sonic game dropped. Is it the Hedgehog's long-awaited return to form? Some voices are calling it great, even a legitimate contender for game of the year. That view is far from what I thought of Sonic Frontiers.

The Evil Within 2 Review (PS4, 2017)

The Evil Within 2. It's so generic I'm having a hard time finding words to say about it. Guess I'll just try to write a straight comparison to The Evil Within (2014).

I beat TEW2's chain attack mini game.

Octopath Traveler (first impression)
It's nostalgic and also kinda not
Blasphemous Review (Switch, 2019)
The metroidvania that should be just a vania
Elden Ring Journey Log (Episode Knight) Part 1

Let's play Elden Ring! (sort of)